Choose watch suitable with job

For many people, the watches become an indispensable accessory to go to work, participate in important events, meet business partners it is evident personality, style master. Select watches do not just suit your interests, body type, clothes that are suitable for your work environment. It not only helps you control time daily gold but also show the professional in the work.


Watches with elegant design, polite would suit the office staff, office. It not only helps you see the hours convenient but also fashion and style particularly dynamic and professional in the work.

office staff watch

Men can choose watches square face, round, rectangle with a black leather straps, brown, gold plated or stainless steel and mix with trousers, jeans, shirt, vest very elegant. Women can choose more diverse styles as the circle, square, rectangular, oval with colors black, brown, white, gold-plated, blue, cream … You can wear watches when dressed shirt, skirt just created a contemporary touch, have created a charming, feminine.


Watches for sports activities designed for both women and men is a watch with high performance, durable and accurate. The diver watches with levels under high pressure when diving, if you are passionate about swimming and sports enthusiasts underwater, select sports watches with bolted winding knob, rear casing also structure is tight and protect the knob at the side, the watches are water resistant to 300 meters and are rarely equipped with the safety devices are indispensable, as edge glass unidirectional rotating red, black or green, the luminous metal to assure easy reading under all conditions of time.
If participating in sports such as tennis, football, basketball, badminton etc. you should choose the watches is resistant to shock with durable strap and weight and size is not too large.


The watch demonstrates to the fact that animated the accuracy of the chronograph is necessary not only in sport. This new tool is based on the model was introduced in 1963 dedicated to the health sector. Therefore, it not only carries the responsibility to announce the time but also can measure the heart rate and respiration. Not only useful in sports, stairs and ladders respiratory circuit also gives doctors the information necessary for vital functions of the patient…


People active in the field of art as artist, composer, artist should choose watches unique designs, fancy to express subtle aesthetic. Hence the famous star has spent no less money to own the clock style, stylish and trendy, making them stand out every instance. The stars often choose the expensive brands of watches and watches often choose models with limited production number of “Limited”. The sample watches is attached many diamonds, gemstones, bullion is the first choice of celebrities


Businessmen people are attractive customers of watches maker. A watch not only help them manage valuable time but also the personality, style and class. Styles of luxury watches, exquisite design lines classic mix will make you looks elegant, impressive with business partners. You should not select the sample clock too strong colors, flashy or studded watches too many diamonds, gemstones it will make your partner suspicious you are bragging. But entrepreneurs are those who prefer their feng shui often choose watches with color, style, material and work with the old business.

If you frequently have to move from one place to another around the world, you should choose a time zone watches 24 is shown with the name of the national capital on the dial, the owner can read the hours immediately any where across the globe. You can even monitor and schedule the exact time when organizing important conference call with people from different parts at different locations around the world.

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