Compare mineral glass and Sapphire glass

1.Sapphire Glass:

As a transparent stone without being scratched except that you take diamond to rub Sapphire or Sapphire rubs against another Sapphire or the edge of rice leaf rubs against Sapphire-glass face. Besides, Sapphire glass is relatively breakable; therefore, it will be broken even in case of light collision. Sapphires are divided into three following types:

Plated Sapphire: It is characterized by old-aged and anti-scratch glass installed for all medium-price watches. The watches worth several hundred thousands often use such glass.


Monolithic Sapphire: It is characterized by the best one among the types of Sapphire glass.  If a watch is installed with Sapphire glass of such type, you will see seven-color sparkling when bringing it to light. The genuine watches typically install such Sapphire glass. Obviously, the watches possessing monolithic Sapphire-made glass face are very expensive, possibly calculated by tens of millions or even hundreds of millions; therefore, it will generally be installed for “high-grade” watches. Monolithic Sapphire glass has its hardness up to 9 points, only preceded by diamond (10 points). Such glass possesses high scratch-resistance and possibly grinds concrete without being scratched.

Notes while using:

– Don’t test hardness and scratch resistance of watch glass (Sapphire glass) with objects of the harder nature than Sapphire such as glass or diamond cutters, thereby leading to the damaged glass.
– Don’t wear a watch while doing the heavy work or tasks demanding multiple actions of collision with external objects such as repairing machines or working as a porter. Due to a fact that the case, glass and band are easily scratched and damaged.
– Avoid not letting the watch regularly be exposed to chemicals like soap, seawater, detergents and acids. To be more specific, they may damage not only a stone face of the plated Sapphire but also band and plated cases.
– Replacing the watch’s dial will reduce its water resistance; therefore, if mandatory, don’t replace it at watch repair shops without any closed rooms and hydraulic press instruments but well-known places full of instruments.
– Sapphire glass breakable in case of any collisions
– The genuine watches whether using the plated Sapphire glass or not are thickly plated and high-quality, so they have the long shelf-life before being scratched.

2. Mineral Glass

– From the advantages and disadvantages of Sapphire glass, the scientists invented a type of glass called Mineral Glass making use of one advantage (anti-scratch) and remedying one disadvantage (breakable) of Sapphire glass.  Nevertheless, mineral glass is not as equal as Sapphire glass in terms of hardness.
– In fact, mineral glass possesses its relatively high hardness; therefore, it will limit possible scratches and be unbreakable in case of any unintentional collisions.

– Mineral glass is can be scratched but can becomes light and beautiful when being polished (cost of polishing: several dollar).

From the above-shown strengths, watch brands have generally installed mineral glass for 80% manufactured watches.

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