How to choose a watch ?

Buying a good watch, appropriate with the work,  aesthetic and financial ability is what many people concern. it is more easy if you have a favorite band but not you will feel difficult to choose. At this time, it is best to go around for references, to find something that leave an impression on you.

Some criteria for you to buy a watch :

  • Which style is appropriate ?
  • Which type of watch machine ?
  • How is your budget ?
  • Which store to buy ?


First is what is appropriate style : sporty, classic, ultra-thin, stylish …

Dial (watch face ) style and color : round face, square face or a special shape with two basic color is black or white. Colours are increasingly diverse and you will fret a lot when choosing

Watch band : you prefer leather material or metal.

Dial decoration : simple or complicate.


If you are favorites modern technology, dynamic then surely you’ll love technology of Citizen eco driver absorb energy from light sources, or technology using satellite wave which enables watches to receive time signals from GPS satellites and display precise time and date.

Mechanical watches are suitable for those who love classic beauty, luxury.

If you don’t have serious requirement about watch machine you can bypass, you can choose any type, each type has its own advantages. If you are not interested, you don’t need to care about this issue.


After have identified some basic characteristics, favorites for your wish watch. You can find by yourself the watches in the price range or ask the staff advisor of the shop . Staff advisor will show you the watches have the characteristics you require and this will save a lot of time and effective.


Some individuals say that :  my love for the brand of Swiss watches. Or I like the  durable watches, Japan’s modern technology or the elegant from the Longines, the dynamics of Tissot, i love the fashion style of Calvin Klein or Gucci. Each brand are formed himself a certain impression


Normally, when you select the style watches from the beginning identified with the desired functions. In sports watch has many useful functions such as measuring speed, height, depth,  compass function, sports timer, calendar, moon phase … Please tell your counselor what you need they will help you find the watch you want.


Come to the shop selling watch brand reputation, you will not have to worry more about the quality, accuracy and not worry how I buy genuine watches without being mistaken.


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