How to choose watch face size ?

My wrist is small, what size of watch face is appropriate? Is this watch have face too big? Or people purchase online, look in the images it’s small, but after use it, it looks oversize. So study about the size of the watch is one of the first thing that users need to know before you search and choose a watch. So I decided to write this article hope will help people in finding the watch appropriate for yourself.

– The typical size clock face
• Women’s Mini size : 23 – 25 mmm
• Women’s Regular size: 26 -29mm
• Midsize watch size: 34 -36mm
• Men’s watch size : 37 -39mm
• Men’s sport size: 40 -42mm
• Men’s XL size : >= 45mm,
Watches for men often have a size of between 34mm – 50mm. Watches for Women often have a size of between 23mm – 44mm. Midsize: the size usually reserved for women like to wear watches larger than normal. Most men would think this size quite small, however for those who have small wrist can also refer to this size.

If you choose watches as gifts, do not know the size of the donee, you can choose a size in the range of safety: the male is in the range of 39-42mm, with females between 29-34mm.

Size watch face is very important when choosing, however, due to the design of the watches (thickness, type of lug) so in reality when choosing should pay attention the parameters above. Some watches have big face but the lug and the band quite embrace hand so have fit hand feeling.

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