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5 IMPRESSION FUNCTIONS IN SPORTS WATCH Today Sport watches can have many useful features. However, not everyone knows about these functions. The following article will share some impression functions to help you choose the sports watch like the best for themselves. 5 IMPRESSION FUNCTIONS IN SPORTS WATCH 1. Altimeter Altimeter [read more…]


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BEST SPORT WATCHES FOR MEN UNDER $500 Sport watches reflect the dynamic, personality, athletic and powerful all this describe the special power of sport watch. Sport watches are design for durable, Rugged, mechanical, architectural, high energy, powerful. These sport watches give you many feature and function while play sports or [read more…]

How to choose a watch ?

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Buying a good watch, appropriate with the work,  aesthetic and financial ability is what many people concern. it is more easy if you have a favorite band but not you will feel difficult to choose. At this time, it is best to go around for references, to find something that leave an impression on you. [read more…]

Water resistant capacity of your watch

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The watch’s water resistance is often engraved on its dial or case back.  Unit for measuring the watch’s water resistance (pressure resistance) may be M, ATM or BAR. if your watch don’t have water resistant write on it. That mean your watch can’t water resistant. if your watch have following [read more…]

Compare mineral glass and Sapphire glass

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1.Sapphire Glass: As a transparent stone without being scratched except that you take diamond to rub Sapphire or Sapphire rubs against another Sapphire or the edge of rice leaf rubs against Sapphire-glass face. Besides, Sapphire glass is relatively breakable; therefore, it will be broken even in case of light collision. [read more…]

The common watch sizes

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COMMON SIZES OF THE WATCH’S DIAL Common sizes of gentleman’s watch – Small size: Less than 36mm (1.42 inches) – Medium size: 37mm – 40mm (1.43 to 1.57 inches) – Large size: 41mm – 46mm (1.65 to 1.81 inches) – Oversize: 48mm and more (1.89 inches and more) Common sizes [read more…]

Types of watches

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There are many different ways to classify types of  watches.  Based on movement can be classified into 2 types quartz and mechanical. 1.Quartz watch Quartz watch is a type of watch having the manoeuvre mechanism with one “quartz crystal”. The crystal will oscillate when placed in an electric field, thereby supplying [read more…]

Parts of a watch

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Wrist watch is a masterpiece of the great designers not only telling the time accurately but also bringing pride to its owner. In addition to its beauty and luxury, have you really understood your watch? Thus,  insprirationwatch respectfully summarizes some basic knowledge of currently popular watch types with a hope [read more…]

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