What’s tachymeter bezel ? How to use tachymeter bezel ?

Tachymeter bezel

What’s tachymeter bezel ?

Tachymeter bezel is a ring around the watch face, on it have numbers and marks . Tachymeter bezel provide the medium speed of an object on  a fixed distance (1km). It’s also have Tachymeter bezel for distance is 1 mile.

The number on the bezel is the speed of an object after the distance 1 km.

How to use tachymeter bezel ?

Step1 : press the lower right button reset new calculate.( The second hand will go and stop at position 12 o’clock)

Step 2: Press again the upper right button when you start driver. ( The second hand start running )

Step3 : After distance 1 km. Press upper button again. ( The second hand stop)

And the number on the Tachymeter  at the position of the second hand stop is the medium speed  you travel in the distance 1 km. (This only right for the time you go 1 km less than 1 minute)

Do you need tachymeter ?

+ Yes it decoration for your watch, make it look pro.

+ The calculate of tachymeter is not much useful because it only for distance 1 km and the time is less than 1 minute.

If the distance different or the time longer than 1 minute. You have take more calculate to have speed.

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